Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Career is more than work life

Although the term 'career' is associated with work-life, career building cannot be restricted to work-life.

Because work-life is impacted by relationships ( let's call it people-life), personal-life ( the domain of taking decisions, planning and correcting oneself) and inside-life ( how one processes one's emotions, beliefs and expectations), one is compelled to work on these three other lifes.
Surprisingly, in my career research of 17 years, i found that individuals do not even know how to create outputs in work-life. They believe that their effort, skills, intentions and goals are enough to produce the work-outputs and the consequent rewards. Nothing is farther from truth.
We shall, on this blog, discuss and share how to create outputs in work-life and people life; how to use personal life to ensure that those outputs are created in a sustained manner and how to 'consciously' take control of one's inside life so that intentions can be converted into outputs.
Welcome to the journey of career building.

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