Saturday, February 06, 2010

What is your career script?

Last week, in one of the Television show, I was listening to an interview of Smita Talwalkar. She is a film producer, who is producing good meaningful Marathi cinema, a model, an actress. She must be around the age of 40.

When asked about her past, she mentioned that when she was working as a TV announcer at the age of 18, she was working with Smita Patil. After a year or so, Smita Talwalkar got married, while Smita Patil went on to make an acting career in a film. Smita Patil made a mark as an actress. They could rarely talk to each other, but she used to tell her children and husband about their association on the TV. ( Perhaps she also missed what she could have achieved?) When they met together in one of the film shootings, though, Smita Talwalkar was surprised to hear Smita Patil praising her decision of making a family and living her life. She said ' Whatever you have achieved in your family can never every be compared to what she would have got in work".

How many of us have courage to write our own career script and live it through? Most of us, as we grow, summon enough courage to do it at the later age. Some cannot do it even till the end of life, as they keep on chasing money and security throughout their lives. But at the age of 18, it is rare to write one's career script.

In my journey of exploring interesting careers, I have met very few individuals of this type. We love seeing these characters in movies and make those movies famous. 3 idiots was a movie of such an individual. It is so exciting to fantasise about these characters and wanting to become like them.

Although these characters in movies are motivating and encouraging, it is not very useful, because it is important not to chase a mirage in careers. 20 years back i started searching individuals who build careers by 'setting goals'. When i found them, i observed that they exist only in certain professions and conditions.

If you therefore find individuals, who have written their career script, at an early age, please inform me, either on this blog, or through email id. It is important to investigate and get to know the 'reality'! I know that 'reality' is not always good for some individuals. Some time, however, it is a matter of life and death for some individuals. Like it is when i tell corporate professionals that building careers for them is not through setting goals !

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